Tennessee Crime Victim Visa Attorney

If you were the victim of a violent crime while visiting or working in the U.S., have cooperated with authorities investigating the case and want to extend your stay, you could benefit from the sound guidance and solid support of an experienced immigration lawyer with a recognized reputation for results.

In Nashville, Murfreesboro and surrounding areas in Middle Tennessee, the skilled immigration attorney who offers sound legal advice on your eligibility for "T" and "U" visa status is Steven J. Simerlein.

The "U" nonimmigrant visa was established for undocumented immigrants who have been victims of certain types of crimes in the U.S. and to motivate them to report the crime and cooperate with authorities. Indeed, much criminal activity against undocumented foreign nationals in the U.S. goes unreported due to the threat of deportation or removal if the victim comes forward. If this description applies to you, you must have endured severe mental or physical abuse and be willing to help law enforcement and government officials investigate and prosecute the perpetrator of the crime.

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Experienced Tennessee Lawyer Representing Noncitizen Crime Victims

Eligibility criteria for the crime victim visa mean that you:

  • Were a victim of a qualifying crime that occurred in the U.S. or violated U.S. law
  • Must have endured severe physical or mental injury from a qualifying criminal activity
  • Must be able to provide information regarding the particular criminal activity
  • Must be helpful during the investigation or prosecution phase of the crime

Examples of the types of criminal activity that may qualify you for "U" nonimmigrant status include domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, prostitution, incest, torture, abduction, kidnapping, involuntary servitude, blackmail and extortion. If you qualify for a "U" visa, you also may be able to petition for certain relatives, who also could qualify for this status as a derivative beneficiary.

Although the "U" visa is a nonimmigrant status visa, a successful applicant generally will receive authorization to work in the U.S. as well. This authorization permit is renewable on a yearly basis during time the "U" visa is in effect, up to four years. Our law firm is glad to supply you with the facts and options you need to be aware of, which can lead to sound decisions.

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