Criminal Charges And Immigration In Tennessee

Criminal matters can run the gamut of severity from a minor traffic infraction to capital murder. Each type of crime can have consequences to the immigration status of non-citizens, which can vary depending on a number of factors. Thus, any non-citizen who is arrested or convicted of a crime and faces possible negative consequences for his or her immigration status can benefit from the skilled assistance of an experienced lawyer who knows how to aggressively advocate for clients.

With more than 20 years of legal practice experience, Nashville attorney Steven J. Simerlein has successfully served the people of Middle Tennessee. He uses his in-depth knowledge of immigration statutes and reputation for insightful representation to increase your chances of avoiding deportation.

Given the emphasis on national security in today's culture, deportation hearings can become increasingly complex and contentious. Steven J. Simerlein works hard to negotiate a favorable outcome for you and investigate any factor that could cause you to be deported.

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Criminal Record Affecting Green Card Application In Nashville And Middle Tennessee

Non-citizens in the U.S. who are arrested for or convicted of crimes during their stay are at risk of deportation. Under the Immigration and Nationality Act, harsh immigration consequences can await non-citizens who have engaged in criminal activity.

As your lawyer, Steven J. Simerlein can advise you as to the immigration consequences of any criminal activity and can pursue your eligibility for a waiver that would allow you to remain here. He knows how much your U.S. residency or other right to stay in the U.S. means to you and any family members who may be here with you. Throughout the legal process, you can count on your attorney for clear answers to your questions and comfort for your concerns while your case is adjudicated.

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