Nashville Employment Immigration Attorney

If you are an employer seeking to recruit and hire skilled, educated professionals of special ability in a particular field — talented people who do not currently live in the U.S. — the experienced immigration attorney who brings more than 20 years of legal experience to solutions for you is Steven J. Simerlein in Nashville.

The Immigration Law Offices of Steven J. Simerlein, P.C., serves employers in Middle Tennessee and throughout the state, in addition to clients in Alabama, Georgia and Kentucky when employment-based immigration and H-1B or L-1A work visa needs can help your company.

While application processes for foreign workers can be lengthy and complex due to the protectionist stance of our government and legislators, Steven J. Simerlein is determined to help both workers and employers to solve work force problems.

Contact us to learn more about our law firm's reputation for insightful immigration representation, and to discuss your employment-based immigration needs in an initial consultation.

Murfreesboro Work Visa Lawyer For Specialty Workers And Professionals Seeking Temporary Visas

Whether you are an employer tracking a work visa on behalf of a single prospective employee or a group of them, the Immigration Law Offices of Steven J. Simerlein, P.C. can offer valuable assistance. If you are seeking employment from abroad, we provide sound counsel as to which is the right work visa for you.

Depending on your situation, Mr. Simerlein can recommend a L-1A or H-1B visa, or an E-1 or E-2 treaty traders or investor visa if one of those, or some other type is most appropriate. He handles all details, documentation and paperwork necessary to complete your objective.

Our Nashville employment immigration lawyer can be contacted by a toll free call to 615-750-3142 or by email. Se habla español.